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Drawtober Day 3: Fire

Garcia and baby Iris Flynn (Timeless)

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Drawtober Day 16 - Circle

Yes, I succumbed to the hype. But I can't deny that the show was really, really good. ^_^

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Drawtober Day 8: Lace

(For those curious, "laban" is Tagalog for "fight")

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Sketchtober Days 10 (Family) and 11 (Seaside)
Quick watercolor painting dedicated to our cat daddy Socks and their youngest, Adolf. We, Mii-chan, Bunny and B2 will always remember you.

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Sketchtober Days 2 (Soft) and 3 (Winged).

Decided to combine two days since I didn't do Day 2.

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Sketchtober Days 4 (Curvy) and 5 (Sparkle)

I saw a chance to do two prompts and took it 😁.

The black hole/circle was to cover a small mistake I did and to emphasize the horns. Then, as the drawing was taking shape, I added the cape so he isn't just a floating head. Then I added galaxy elements because it felt too flat. T h e n I added details of his suit and cape because he DID look like a floating head 🀦🏻.

So, finally. Loki and his glorious horned helmet.

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Drawtober Day 7: Fur

"Hey, Bear." 🧑🐾

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Drawtober Day 31: Witch

Garcy getting flirty post-Hallowe'en party. 😏

My Drawtober's delayed posting isnow all done! My thanks to those who enjoyed, liking and sharing the drawings; the Flynn Friday Imagines gang for egging me on; and special shout outs to doctor.lia and MK for going through the journey with meβ€”by writing fics based on the prompts, and actually finishing way ahead of schedule. I appreciate you all. 😘

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Day 11: Friend πŸ€œπŸ€›

The (ex)spooks that do mayhem together

Stick together.

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Drawtober Day 14 - Tea

Just a guy enjoying his sencha tea.

I managed to go simpler than usual. It was been a tedious and tiring day.

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Drawtober Day 26: Drip

From fluff to angst. Sorry, #garcy fam...

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Drawtober Day 28: Traditional

November 2nd is All Souls Day in the Philippines, when Catholics visit and offer prayers for departed loved ones.

(Sorry to the Garcy/Lorynn fam. Again)

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Day 12: Heart πŸ’–

In my mind, that's Lucy's hand in Flynn's.

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