My name is Jason or Jsquared comes from the depth of my old twitch account or my art page; my wife named me that years ago. I always liked the idea of prompts and drawing during spooky times. As I was fumbling around the internet I never noticed any real good sketchtober page that was dedicated to just creating with no real scope. I wanted to make something to bring in all the variety of the creative process – whatever that may be. So I thought I would see in sketchtober.com was taken and well is was not. So 3min later this page was born on October 5th 2016. There was some idea to have people submit there art to this site but lets be honest, who likes to upload crap all over the place and to some random dudes site. So I picked up on INSTAGRAM as the main method of distribution and I wanted to offer a place where people can see the hundreds of thousands of images people create during these times. No one says you have to use my hashtag #sketchtoberDOTcom but if you do you will magically be highlighted on this page. Anyhow have fun and keep creating. There is something about October and drawing. This page is just a place to gather all you creative people. Sketching is the best part of any creation process.

Feel free to reach out!